Goal of the Workshop

POLLUX is a high-resolution UV spectropolarimeter for the LUVOIR space mission, one of the four Decadal Survey Mission Concept Studies lead by NASA. POLLUX is supported by CNES and developed by a European consortium.

During this workshop we plan to discuss the status of the chapter presenting POLLUX, that will be attached to the interim report to be submitted to NASA early December 2017. We will review the science case for POLLUX, the status of the instrument design, and the needed technology developments.

Expected Participants

All science WG leaders, Payload WP leaders, and CNES members working on the project are expected to attend this workshop. Would any of them not be available, they should plan for a replacement within their WG/WP/team. Key engineers or scientists working on the project are also welcome, as well as representatives from the NASA LUVOIR team.

Important Dates and Informations

- Registration is open until October 1.

- The workshop will start on October 9, 2pm. 

- Note that for security reasons, the Defense Security Officer (FSD) of Aix-Marseille University asks us to verify and record the identity of all visitors. This means that for each of our visitors (people with no access-key to the building) it is now mandatory to go through the reception desk on arrival. The following informations (Full name, date and place of birth, nationality, host name in LAM, date and reason for the visit) will be asked and registered. On this occasion an ID may be requested and a visitor badge will be assigned. This badge must be returned at the reception as the visitors leave. To facilitate the registration of visitors, and help save time during the reception and access control, please send these informations to JC Bouret. 

- Access: It is advised to book a hotel downtown (see links below) to easily get to LAM by metro 1 (up to La Rose) and bus B3B (up to Centrale Marseille). 

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